Meet the Crew…

Skipper DannyDanny

Danny our Skipper, and excellent sailor, well experienced and always on the lookout for our guests comfort and safety, as well as making sure to find the best spots to anchor and as much as possible trying to find routes and places away from the sometimes crowded spots. His good humour will certainly keep you entertained for the day and his knowledge of the island and our waters is never ending.

Hostess GinaGina

Gina has been sailing the Carribbean for many years and has a wealth of interesting stories about the locality and its inhabitants to share while you take in the sights. She’ll host your cruise with a continual flow of food and beverages and serve up your superb lunch, catering to your every need whilst you’re on board Calabaza.


One of the best guys to have around, not only is he a very skilled skipper, but oodles of fun, Andrew loves sailing and the ocean and he has a wealth of information on just about everythng. Andrew, like the rest of our crew, loves looking after our guests and making sure they are safe and comfortable and never short of a joke or two. When at the helm he will make sure to find the best spots and introduce you to the beauty of our island and ocean.


Another turtle tamer. Bobby is just a very happy soul, I have yet to see him on a day when he is not bubbly and full of life and fun.


Great guide in the water and on board, you will never be without a drink and he loves taking pics in the water and on the boat.


Great sense of humour, always up for a laugh and fun, he will look after you in the water and make sure your drink is never empty.


Captain Sean, will make sure you are comfortable on board and in the water, supply you with lots of jokes and make sure you have the best time ever.


Another valuable addition to our crew, Keelie always makes sure you are having fun and are safe on your trip.